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It may have come to your attention recently an alert regarding a critical command injection vulnerability in the webserver of some Hikvision CCTV products.

CRITICAL ALERT: Critical vulnerability in certain Hikvision products, IP cameras.

HSS have been in contact with the supplier and have been advised HSS do not use any of the listed products.

The list of vulnerable products has been listed on the Hikvision Australia website.


With all IP connected devices, manufacturers identify cyber vulnerabilities or software bugs and address them with patches in their firmware. It is always “best practise” to update the firmware on any IP device before or at installation to avoid any cyber or software issues that have been identified.

Note: HSS offer maintenance to all sites with Security and CCTV systems and as part of the service HSS can apply the latest available firmware to all network connected devices including cameras to safe guard your network security. Please call out office should you be interested in a proposal for annual maintenance of your systems.


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