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Access Control

Access control restricts and logs persons entering a building or specific door, gate, or lift. This can be further restricted to include certain days and certain times of days etc. There are effectively two forms of access control. 


Conventional access control consists of hard wired devices including card readers, electric locks, and door controllers. There are many formats to choose from, each having security ratings in terms of the complexity of the credential to achieve a higher level of security. The decision on what type of card reader and credential is determined by the premises and it’s purpose. Credentials come in many forms including basic cards, cards that can be printed on for identification purposes, fobs, wrist bands, and mobile phones. Card readers also come in many forms in terms of their physical size and read range. Electric locks are selected for specific doors. Electric strikes and mortice locks are suited to high-frequency aluminium and wooden doors where electro-magnetic and v locks are suited to full glass doors. HSS can advise on which type of reader, credential, and lock is required to suit each premise. 



Salto is a very exciting product that utilises both wired and wireless devices. High-frequency doors such as main entry doors should always be hard wired with a card reader and electric lock, however, internal doors such as office or storeroom doors can be fitted with Salto wireless battery-operated doors. The Salto range extends to lockers, communications racks, padlocks, etc. The major advantage of installing Salto wireless locks is cost. Wireless locks remove the need to run cables and as such become an attractive option. Salto battery-operated wireless doors can either be online or offline, allowing for instant “lockdown” of premises if required. HSS is a long-standing Salto Certified Dealer and can advise on exactly what type of Salto configuration is suited to any premises.