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Closed Circuit Television

Utilising the latest in surveillance technology, our tailored solutions will provide your business with the tools to address your potential risks.


CCTV is a very exciting and continuously evolving technology. 

All current HSS CCTV systems are I.P (Internet Protocol) technology. 

This technology allows for high volumes of data to be transferred over a network to accommodate the higher resolutions Administrators/Business and Homeowners expect in today’s world. 

Traditional analogue CCTV while still available has been superseded by IP technology which provides much higher resolution outcomes and functionality as complex as you want it to be. 

HSS also upgrades existing traditional Analogue systems to IP using existing cabling infrastructure which can reduce costs to the client where replacement of cabling is deemed uneconomical. 


Megapixel high resolution cameras

IP technology has vastly improved the resolution outcomes compared to traditional Analogue system days of an equivalent (.4) of a Megapixel quality to much higher (4, 6, 8 and 12) Megapixel outcomes providing the end-user with extremely high definition images in both live and playback formats. 

Extreme low light situations are countered with both (Infra-red) and (LED) technology to maintain image quality in both day and night time conditions. Each scene and the 24hr conditions are considered when choosing the right camera for the desired application. 


Control systems

CCTV control systems can be as simple as a localised Network Video Recorder to suit the required number of cameras too much larger Video Management Systems including Servers/Network Switches and Storage arrays. 

HSS will consult, recommend and propose the best solution for your School/Business and Home. 

CCTV is an extremely effective tool for end-users to be able to review quality video following an event/incident. The recorded video and images must clearly identify a person and if required even a vehicle number plate.