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Public Address

Public Address systems allow to broadcast messages, tones and music throughout an area.

3 Types of Systems

 There are three types of systems being: 

  • 100 volt analogue 
  • 100 volt analogue/ I.P combination 
  • I.P 

100 volt analogue systems have proven to be a very reliable form of Public Address. Typically a main amplifier and paging station is installed and connected to multiple 100 volt speakers. Other components such as timer modules, evacuation tone generators and music systems can also be added. The 100 volt analogue systems require hard wired cabling be reticulated to 100 volt speakers. Becoming more popular, is upgrading existing 100 volt systems to 100 volt/ I.P combination system. This upgrade retains all existing 100 volt speakers and volume controllers however removes the need for hard wired trunk lines. Audio is reticulated to individual buildings over the sites network infra structure ie: audio over I.P. This form of system is economical and introduces far more programming options which can be controlled through easy to manage software. Complete I.P systems require all speakers to be I.P and only require a network or data port. HSS can advise you on what system is best for your premises.