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Supply & Install of Electronic Security

HSS can offer an electronic security solution to tailor your needs no matter what size premises.

Electronic Security

Our technicians are trained in multiple systems. Electronic security is not limited to internal trap detection with many options to protect the perimeter of a premises including photo-electric beams which can work in combination with surveillance and access control systems. The design of a security system should be centred on early detection with a fast and effective response. Monitoring of a security system can alert certain personal or security responders. The choices are endless and can be tailored to any requirement.



Intrusion detection consists of numerous devices that protect the interior of premises. These sensors range from standard passive infra-red which requires a rapid change of temperature within two degrees of the background temperature to a combination infra-red/ microwave. These devices utilise two separate technologies to confirm a target. Another form of intrusion detection is glass break detection. These devices monitor the high-frequency sound of breaking glass combined with the low-frequency detection of the initial impact before glass breaks. This is done to increase the reliability of these devices. HSS will determine which type of device is best suited to the premises. 



The basis of perimeter security is to detect an intruder before they enter the premises. Devices such as photo-electric beam sets which can be installed in hard wired or wireless form, provide an effective barrier well before an intruder reaches the premises wall. Other forms include reed switches that detect the opening of a door or window and inertia sensors which are installed to window frames etc to detect the impact of an intruder making a forceful entry. These devices allow premises to function normally inside, whilst being armed outside. 


Smoke Detection

HSS installs what is known as “modified” or “skeleton” smoke detection. This form of smoke detection is a very cost effective method when compared to AS1670 Fire Systems. The BCA will determine if an AS1670 system is required by law however if this is not the case a modified system will provide excellent smoke and thermal detection coverage at a considerably less price. When totally integrated with the security system all manner of options are available including linking the smoke detection activation to the Public Address system for example. Doors can be unlocked, automatic messages can be paged to advise staff and students to calmly gather at pre-designated evacuation drill locations.



Duress systems come in many forms. From a single dual press panic button that provides a localised alert in the form of a sounder or indicator to a fully monitored hold up button which when activated allows to control room to instigate Police response. For larger sites such as Education or Commercial multiple duress buttons can be installed all reporting to a security system for whatever response is required. This could also include wireless pendants that can be worn around a facility that when pressed activate a scrolling display in a reception or staff room.


Call Assistance

Call Assistance allows for the installation of “emergency” buttons installed in what is known as UAT toilets (Universal Accessible Toilets). If a person required assistance, they would press the emergency button which would activate an indicator outside the toilet. In addition the signal could be transmitted to a scrolling display located in a central area to alert others to the need for assistance.